Domino's Pizza - Two Medium Pizza Deal


Domino’s Pizza offers a few different ways to fund raise for your group or event!

The Domino’s VIP Card:

These cards are sold to friends/family/community by your group for $10 each. The offer on the card is an unlimited usage of Buy one Pizza Get one Free and is good for 1 year. You just let us know how many cards you would like to sell (No Minimum) and we print them up. The cost to you is just $1.50 per card to cover cost of materials, and you keep the rest. That’s a profit of $8.50 per card! We have had groups sell hundreds of cards.

Dough Raiser / Pizza Night:

Together we would plan a night that would be dedicated to your group or event. Generally we do these on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. 20 % of all sales that evening would go back to your group! We provide you with flyers and stickers to hand out to students, family, friends, etc. encouraging them to order that evening. The success of the night depends on how much you get the word out. We have had groups come to Domino’s with posters and stand on the streets trying to get people to order, as well as open doors for customers explaining to them about the cause of the evening. These can be held once or monthly depending on your needs.


If you are interested, please call and talk with one of our Managers.


We look forward to working with you!